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  Requirements to Stay a Voteholder

Requirements to be a Voteholder

Requirement: Pass a written quiz to become an active Voteholder.

See the Quiz at end of this Academy.

You must pass the Quiz with a 95%. It is a basic Earth Nation knowledge test written by the Center Coordinators to be able to actively vote on proposals. This test may be taken more than once. You will not lose your place as a Voteholder if you do not pass, however, you will not be an active Voteholder, and your vote will be delegated to your chosen delegate.

Requirement: Assign at Least 1 Delegate.

This must be done within 2 weeks of becoming a Voteholder.

Check out past Loomio votes that apply to these requirements:

“Each Voteholder may assign one or more delegates. If more then one is assigned, an odd number of delegates must be chosen. In the case of ones delegates voting differently, the Voteholder who is delegating their decisions will have their vote set to the majority vote of their delegates”

With further clairity: Loomio: Assign delegate

*If any Voteholder chooses to vote their vote is always what they chose. Only when a Voteholder does not choose to vote is their vote delegated. For voteholders who do not assign a delegate they will by default have their referrer assigned as their delegate* Loomio: campaign poll

Requirement (Work Team only): If you chose to be on a work team, you must actively participate 1 time every two weeks.

Requirement (Sharing Ambassadors only): You must be a Primary Ambassador:

“A[n] ambassador voteholder must become a "primary ambassador" and post once a day onto ones timeline while simultaneously posting into groups and liking friends to join our groups and pages. This process is automatic and as easy as saying YES. through Loomio: Ambassador sharing